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It's always a great pleasure to talk with a fan. We've just ended the Halloween photo event, and today we want to share some stories about our winner. She is known as 'HYSL' in the custom doll community and lives in Spain.

I hear that HYSL as about 50 Pullip dolls and one Taeyang. Oh, we were surprised to find out that she was also one of the first to get Yeolume. We had a SNS review event when Yeolume was first released last year and HYSL was one of the reviewers. I remember Yeolume posing with Pullip and Taeyang looking a bit like she was going to school or on a family picnic..

HYSL stated that she wanted to use Taeyang for the Halloween photo, since she had only one Taeyang and didn't have many occasions to pose him. To quote her words, "I thought for this photo would be interesting to give more importance to him, the only boy, and representing the boatman Charon (Greek Mythology) transporting the souls of the dead."

She enjoys taking photos outside and her entry was also taken at a local river. She had to plant all those arms in the lake to get a sense of realism. Yes, there are no witches and pumpkins in the photo, but to quote her again, "I thought that maybe it would be more interesting to use a different kind of sinister element."

Frankly when we first had a look of the photo we thought the arms were done with Photoshop. It was so natural and well done and just like she intended, realistic.

HYSL says that her favorite Pullip doll is 'Sabrina'. It was her very first Pullip and always had a special essence of elegant and sophistication. ‘Sabrina' was a gateway the collectible world that she'd never known before. Also it led to an interest about fashion, beauty and photography.

She is still collecting, and even though she has a huge collection, she's always looking for something different. It is the uniqueness off a doll type that inspires her to do a custom job to 'bring life’ in it.

We've asked her if she has a specific wish list within our dolls. Here's what she said,

"I'm lucky to have owned the majority of models, which are currently difficult to buy, so I think I can be satisfied. But I recognize I don't own all flagship models, so Pullip Noir has an added significance for me because I didn't have this model or the Regeneration Noir. But for me, my wish Pullip has not yet been released; I know it will appear someday. I love tan Pullip color and it's sad there are so few tan models in history, so hopefully a new one will be soon, she will be a success for sure."

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