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Alice in Steampunk World pt2 - Steampunk lineup (2)

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We're sharing the personas of the Steampunk series.
Here goes the characters of the second season.

Moriai, the <Mad Scientist>

We thought a Mad Scientist for Byul would be great. Mostly she stays indoor and focus on her work. Maybe that's why her skin is so pale. Lacking light, she lost vision of her right eye leaving only the left to show off her madness.

She's a gal that keeps pets in her lab but most of them didn't survive the many experiments that she's done. But no worries, some of them are still with her, re-born as Steampunk machine animal gadgets.

Helios, the <Faded Aviator>

Not all of the second series are on the same timeline, but we wanted Isul to be related to the character from the first Steampunk Isul, Apollo. They're not the same but we can say Helios is like an alter ego from Apollo.

Apollo was a runaway boy from a rich Steampunk family, Off to figure out the world. He was noble looking and shiny with gold.

That rich boy came out and lived the real world now. No more prancing, no more gold. Now he looks more like a survivor. A survivor flying a rocket!

Icarus, the <Mechanic in wings>

She's a young and talented Mechanic, but truly an inventor in heart. Those wings of hers are one of her many inventions. They're helpful when she's fixing vehicles parked in the sky. Officials think she's stashing parts from work but they're waiting till they catch her on the spot. Maybe her wings will come handy when they try to catch her. But where will she fly off to...?!

Pluto, the <Outcast>

Taeyang is an outcast from the Steampunk world. He was an officer spotted using his authority for personal matters and had to run away and hide before getting arrested. Now he's apart from his lady and all lonely. His sister is secretly collecting part to invent a flying device for him. All he wants is to see his lady on last time.

Aurora, the <Lady at central>

We wanted someone in a long dress. We've never done that within the Steampunk series before. A little western was added to match Pluto's style. Yes, she's definitely Pluto's lady. The last time she saw Taeyang was when they had plans to meet at the central station. She showed up and he didn't. Well...he did but he couldn't come out to the light. He was on the run already. After that Aurora showed up every day at the central station at noon. Even among all those people, it'll be hard to miss her gorgeous burning hair and purple eyes.

So... those were the stories that our doll design team had going on when we first started talking about the second round of AGA's Steampunk series. Styles and parts where added based on those stories and we didn't share it before, but now seems a good time to go back and mention it.

Many of our fans notice the pale skin tone and almost gothic makeup on these characters. Yes, the series was named 'Eclipse'; it was a Steampunk word in the shadow.

On our next Pullip Saga, we'll check the World of Alice in Wonderland. Hear us why it's one of our favorite and most frequently released series.



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